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The Key to Food as Medicine


Remember your parents telling you to chew your food? And the old adage, chew your food 20 times?

Well it turns out to be really important!

(Its also why its Little Step 4 in my book!)

Chewing your food is the KEY to creating medicine from your food since this is how proper food digestion begins. Without the help of chewing, our food moves through our digestive system whole and not processed. Our cells then do not receive the nourishment from the food as they should or as we intended.

Food not chewed will also creates sluggishness in the digestive system and food begins to ferment. Anyone experience gas and bloating?

Well, chewing your food could be a first step in alleviating these symptoms!

How much do I chew?

Good question! I recommend chewing a mouthful of food 20 times as usually enough. Your goal is to turn to a soft consistency before swallowing. If 20 times is not enough to do that, consider a smaller bite or portion on your fork.

So, with all the effort you are spending for your meals, get the biggest nourishment bang for your buck and make food be your medicine! Chew!

Nourish. Digest. Recover.



PS: Image and excerpt are from p. 4 of my book, "Little Steps : 101 Tips for Creating and Achieving Your Health and Happiness Inside and Out". Available on Amazon.

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