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Integrative Nourishment 

“Let Food be Thy Medicine and Medicine be thy Food”  

"Our digestions, going sacredly and silently right, that is
the foundation all poetry"
Gilbert K. Chesteron


Integrative Nourishment


Food creates medicine for body, mind, and, emotional health only if it is optimally digested and absorbed. 

Integrative Nourishment considers optimal digestion and gut health as an essential base to wellness.

Integrative Nourishment helps you look at how the connection between food, the gut/brain/hormone axis, stress,

and lifestyle are all impacting your body's ability to create nourishment.   

It is the missing nourishment and connections that create the imbalances and symptoms you are experiencing.  

By helping you with optimal food choices, support for gut/hormone/brain/immune connections, along with self care practices for life, you receive holistic nourishment and a life of sustainable health and wellbeing.

Especially helpful for people experiencing any digestive issues, fatigue, poor sleep, mood changes, hormone imbalances, pain and inflammation, skin issues, seasonal allergies, illness recovery, and weight management.

Carol Heckman RN CNC CNHP NC-BC

Carol is a Registered Nurse with over 30 years’ experience in traditional, natural, and holistically integrative health care.  For the past 15 years, she has been helping and educating individuals and groups to incorporate nourishing food, lifestyle, and self- care practices for a comprehensive and holistic approach to lifelong health and wellness.  In her practice, Carol is passionate about helping others create a lifestyle of nourishment for physical, mental, and emotional well being that aligns with each person’s unique goal and vision.


Carol’s interest in natural and holistic health began while looking for a way to heal her own autoimmune condition.   As she gained improved health, she began educating herself and helping others.  In addition to her Nursing degree, Carol is a board certified Integrative Nurse Coach and has additional certifications in Nutritional Counseling, Natural Health, Herbology, and Aromatherapy.  Carol has put many pearls of her work in her book “Little Steps: 101 Tips for Creating and Achieving Your Health and Happiness Inside and Out”. 



Carol - 410-703-3103

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