Tuesday evening 'Evolving Wellness' series
                  with Lisa Manning, CST
                          $35 per session
Somatic tools for embracing peace, developing resiliency and  
                         creative self exploration! 

Tues May 17th   6-7:15pm - Self Unwinding 
Tues May 24th   6-7:15pm - Breathing Easy
Tues May 31st    6-7:15pm - Self Hypnosis 

Embodied Presence - Skills Training with Lisa 
                           $275 per session
These workshops are designed for healthcare professionals and caregivers wanting to improve their hands on healing support for loved ones, patients and clients. Each workshop will include an additional free group practice session to reinforce skills and build confidence. 

May 29th   10-1pm  - Subtle Listening
This workshop will focus on learning how to shift the body from 'fight or flight' into 'rest and recover' by tuning into the subtle language of the nervous system. Using self awareness and conscious hands on 'listening' a new language emerges giving us tools for regulating emotional stress.