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Bounty of Summer

Happy Summer!

July brings the beginning of summer bounty- fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden.

If you planted a patio or back yard garden, you may be already harvesting some of this treasure. I have started indulging in fresh lettuce daily from my garden. What a treat! Certainly, you are seeing the plants blossoms and fruits beginning to take shape. Anticipation!

Farmers markets are also beginning to explode and are another great way to access fresh produce of all varieties. Do you have a local favorite?

One of the most frequent questions I get as an integrative health Nurse and Nutritional Counselor is: What do I eat?

My reply is to eat like your great, great, grandparents did- fresh, picked from the garden and farm, locally traded, organic ( they had no pesticides and chemicals then!), seasonal. Fresh produce like this is also complete with enzymes to help you digest it more optimally so you and your cells are receiving all the nutrition and nourishing benefits.

Its why I love this time of year and the summer bounty we have access to. It gets us as close as we can to eating clean, healthy, and sustainably; like our great great grandparents did.

Try your hand at growing your own produce or visit a Farmers Market near you and enjoy the bounty!

Nourish. Digest. Recover.



PS: Image and excerpt are from p. 7 of my book, "Little Steps : 101 Tips for Creating and Achieving Your Health and Happiness Inside and Out". Available on Amazon.

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