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We are passionate about helping you navigate on your health journey and find the tools you need to best achieve your personal health goals!

Sessions with Lisa

Sessions with Carol

Craniosacral Consultation and Treatment for Emotional Overwhelm
90 min 

Craniosacral and Unwinding Session
60 min  $125

Craniosacral and Unwinding Session
45 min  $95

Craniosacral Pediatric
30 min  $65

Mini Myofascial Release 
30 min  $65

Ear Seed Protocol and Application 
15 min  $25 (Add-on service to any session)

Initial Somatic Biofeedback Training
90 min  $165

Follow-up Biofeedback Training 
45 min  $95

Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis training
90 min  $165


Integrative Nourishment Consultation- Initial

90 min  $185


Integrative Nourishment Consultation-Follow Up 50 min  $125

Integrative Nourishment Coaching - Initial

50 min  $95


Integrative Nourishment Coaching -Follow Up

30 min

3 Session Package $165

6 Session Package $300

What Our Clients Say

Sharon R.

Carol’s empathy, kindness, and sense of humor, along with the wealth of knowledge she has about how to improve my nutrition, has given me the freedom to quit dieting.  I now work toward finding healthy choices that also satisfy me.  And I have been easily able to maintain my weight!
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