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We are excited to partner with you on your journey!

Craniosacral Therapy
with Lisa

In Craniosacral, we explore how emotions and stress manifest on a physical level. Using gentle touch, movement and awareness we work with the nervous system to repattern the physical response to stress and restore a deep sense of peace, calm and safety. The goal is to partner in assessment and awareness so that each individual can take the peace and stability gained in session and translate it into strategies for more vibrant daily living. Treatment is useful for pain, anxiety, grief, and all aspects of the recovery process.



In session we will analyze posture, stress holding patterns and lifestyle challenges that are playing a part in physical discomfort and emotional overwhelm. It includes consultation, Craniosacral session with Unwinding and a plan for implementing new skills for daily integration and lasting change

Integrative Nourishment
with Carol

Integrative Nourishment is a holistic, functional, and natural approach to health that blends many forms of nourishment together from food, movement, and mindset, to our surroundings, with the goal of rebuilding gut/brain/hormone connections and promoting overall physical, emotional, and energetic well being.

An Integrative Nourishment approach benefits people of all ages and addresses various health issues, such as digestive problems, skin conditions, seasonal allergies, fatigue, focus issues, hormonal imbalances, joint pain, inflammation, weight management, recovery from illness or surgery, and overall health maintenance.

 Somatic Biofeedback

In this session we use heart rate variability (HRV) technology to observe and monitor how the nervous system is responding to stress input. New skills are practiced and progress is seen in real time. Wonderful for building self awareness and confidence for emotional self regulation.

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Ear Seed Treatment

Consultation and application of ear seeds to support healing and emotional well being

with acupressure. Treatment often stays

in place for a week.

Integrative Nourishment Consultation

In your Initial visit, we'll delve into your health history and address your specific health concerns. Utilizing Symptom Surveys, we'll identify imbalances in the connections between your gut, brain, and hormones systems. A Zyto biofeedback scan will provide additional insights. With this data, we'll collaboratively craft a personalized Wellness Plan, incorporating a customized food plan, lifestyle adjustments, and essential nutrient support.

In Follow-Up visits, we'll assess your progress through symptom surveys and a Zyto biofeedback rescan. Your Wellness Plan will be adjusted to align with your improved health, integrating food, lifestyle tools, and nutrient supplements as necessary.

Integrative Nourishment Coaching

In your Initial visit, we collaborate to achieve your health and wellness goals. Wellness coaching supports changes in physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

In Follow-up visits, we track progress and provide ongoing support for your wellness goals.

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