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Healing is a Family Affair

Lisa and I love working with families! Especially those with school age children, where making sustainable change really becomes a family affair.

As many of us have experienced in a family,

if one member is not feeling well or is having stress and

struggles, it ripples out to effect everyone else in the house. Many clients come to us for an individual session to begin to get initial relief. As we are in session, Lisa and I will also begin assessing the wider family dynamic to see who else may need support, what their needs may be, and how we can incorporate education, tools, and strategies that can help everyone.

While I am often working with Mom to bring change for herself into the family, Lisa is often working with the kids and brings in Mom and Dad. What we have found from our experience is that for some families, it's actually best when Moms, Dads, and kids all come in together for a shared session to take advantage of our services. In this way, everyone receives individual attention as well as joint family coaching to create a new way of navigating and responding to life stress.

It's a win /win that improves everyone's health and wellbeing.

We Are Family!


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