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Chelsea W.

"The atmosphere of this practice is something I've dreamt of in my team of health care professionals; knowledgeable, loving, and serene. I was recommended to see these lovely women by a close friend to address GI concerns and anxiety issues I've had for years. Carol was the first professional who did not dismiss my inquiries with "you're healthy, you're fine" or try to put me on an anti-anxiety med. She listened to everything I had to say, reviewed a food log, and together, we came up with a plan of solutions: changes in my day-to-day environment, supplemental additions, diet alterations, breathwork/meditation, etc. A few weeks following my meeting Carol, I scheduled an appt with Lisa. I had no idea what to expect as I'd never experienced CST. It was a bit of an awakening with a whirlwind of emotions I had no idea I had pent up. Lisa taught me an entirely different aspect to a concept I preach daily: you hold your emotions in your muscles! That first appt with her, I felt them begin to release firsthand! Lisa then spoke with me about lifestyle changes, comparable and integrated with Carol's recommendations of breathwork, body work, muscle releases, unwinding, etc. These beautiful humans have become my first line of defense in my medical team, the people I trust most to teach me how to help and listen to my body. Being in the medical field myself, I trust them with my patient population, recommending them to many and believe they have so much to offer those who want to advocate for themselves. I feel incredibly blessed to have Carol and Lisa in this life to help guide me through understanding my body and helping it flourish and bloom in years to come."

Sharon R.

"I had been on a calorie restrictive, low fat diet for a few years and had lost about 50 pounds, but my gut health was beginning to give me problems.  That is when I turned to Carol to give me so me help to improve my overall health.  Each session included techniques and specific foods I might want to incorporate into my diet and lifestyle.  As Carol says, I took "baby steps", trying one or two suggestions for a few weeks.  Then in the next session, I would add a next step.  The things I added not only improved my gut health, but also my enjoyment around eating.  Carol’s empathy, kindness, and sense of humor, along with the wealth of knowledge she has about how to improve my nutrition, has given me the freedom to quit dieting.  I now work toward finding healthy choices that also satisfy me.  And I have been easily able to maintain my weight!" 

Nicole C.

"My family and I have been coming to Lisa for years. I especially love that whether it's for an injury or to put my body back into balance, I know, I will leave with a sense of peace and wellness. She is extremely knowledgeable about the body and how it works. The positive environment is always a plus for me. "

Sam S.

"Because I believe that rising tides lift all ships, and I'm also a big supporter of women-owned business, I'm jumping on to sing the praises of Carol Heckman, RN with Trillium Wellness. I'm closing in on 8 years since I sustained a concussion that would upend my physical (and consequently emotional) wellbeing for months and years to come. Thankfully, my post-concussion symptoms are mostly under control at present. As part of that winding journey, I began working with Carol when she was at a different practice for nutritional consults a couple years ago. Her input worked wonders within a couple months! Stomach pain and bloating gone. Energy way better. Now Carol has gone out on her own to open Trillium Wellness. If you've been looking for a provider who will listen to you, and approach your physical well being from a holistic perspective, Carol is your woman."

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