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Our Therapies

We are passionate about helping you navigate on your health journey and find the tools you need to best achieve your personal health goals!

Our Technologies

In our work we combine the art of caring with the science of technology to help you.  The links below tell you a bit more about them:

Integrative Nourishment with Carol 

Initial  Integrative Nourishment Consultation -90 min


Follow Up Integrative Nourishment Consultation -50 min


Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching with Carol   

New Client Integrative Wellness Coaching - 50 min


Follow Up Integrative Wellness Coaching -30 min

3 Session Package $165

6 Session Package $300

Craniosacral Therapy with Lisa   

Craniosacral Consultation and Treatment for

Emotional  Overwhelm - 90 min 


Craniosacral and Unwinding - 60 min


Craniosacral and Unwinding - 45 min


Craniosacral Pediatric - 30 min


Mini Myofascial Release - 30 min


Biofeedback Training - Emotional Regulation Tools 

Initial Somatic Biofeedback Consultation - 90 min 

In this session we will use heart rate variability (HRV) technology to observe and monitor how the nervous system is responding to stress. New skills can be practiced and progress is seen in real time. Wonderful for building self awareness and confidence for emotional self regulation. 

Initial Consultation  $150

Follow up Somatic Biofeedback Session - 50 min


Personalized Ear Seed Protocol and Application - 30 min 

Consultation and application of ear seeds to support healing and emotional well being with acupressure. Treatment often stays in place for up to a week. Your personal protocol will be shared in detail for use in future self care applications. 

Ear Seed Protocol and Application  $65

Add-on to any other service  $30

156 Ritchie Hwy Suite 100
Severna Park, MD  21146

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