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Our Services

We are passionate about helping you navigate on your health journey and find the tools you need to best achieve your personal health goals!

Our Technologies

In our work we combine the art of caring with the science of technology to help you.  The links below tell you a bit more about them:

Integrative Nourishment  Consultation 

Initial Consultation -90 min

During this visit, we review your current health story and areas of your concern.  Using Symptom Surveys we identify Food/Gut/Brain/Hormone/Immune connections that are out of balance.  In addition, this visit includes a Zyto  biofeedback scan assessment to assist in further noting your unique areas for change.  Using all assessment information, we  co create an individualized Wellness Plan  to guide you in beginning to incorporate a food plan, lifestyle tools, and key nutrient supports.

Initial Consultation $185

Follow Up Consultation -50 min

During this visit, we assess your progress on your plan and health improvement through symptom survey tools and a Zyto biofeedback rescan.  We then update your Wellness plan for your new health balance  with food, lifestyle tools, and nutrient supplement supports.

Followup Consultation $125

Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching    

New Client Coaching Session- 50 min

During this visit, we work together to help  you meet your unique health and wellness goal and vision.   Wellness coaching  helps  you with making  and sustaining change in all areas of relating to  physical, mental, and emotional well being.

Initial Coaching Session $95

Followup Coaching -30 min

During this visit, we work together to track your progress and continue to support you in reaching your wellness goal and vision.

3 Session Package $165

6 Session Package $300

Craniosacral Therapy      

Initial Craniosacral Consultation - 90 min 

In this session we will analyze posture, stress holding patterns and lifestyle challenges that are playing a part in physical discomfort and emotional overwhelm. It includes consultation, Craniosacral session with Unwinding and a plan for implementing new skills for daily integration and lasting change. 

Initial Consultation  $150

Craniosacral and Unwinding Session - 50 min

Explore and release stress and emotional holding patterns.

Through gentle touch, movement and awareness we work with the nervous system to re-pattern the physical response to stress and restore a deep sense of peace, calm and safety. 

Craniosacral Session  $95

Biofeedback Training - Emotional Regulation Tools 

Initial Somatic Biofeedback Consultation - 90 min 

In this session we will use heart rate variability (HRV) technology to observe and monitor how the nervous system is responding to stress. New skills can be practiced and progress is seen in real time. Wonderful for building self awareness and confidence for emotional self regulation. 

Initial Consultation  $150

Follow up Somatic Biofeedback Session - 50 min


Personalized Ear Seed Protocol and Application - 30 min 

Consultation and application of ear seeds to support healing and emotional well being with acupressure. Treatment often stays in place for up to a week. Your personal protocol will be shared in detail for use in future self care applications. 

Ear Seed Protocol and Application  $65

Add-on to any other service  $30

Let's Work Together

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