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Dynamic Health through Collaborative Care 

As practitioners we believe that health and wellness can be transformed through a whole person approach that is personalized, focused, and empowering.

As a team we share our experience and knowledge of diverse healing approaches to create comprehensive support, treatment, and educational resources. Your success is our success! Let us help you to nourish, energize, and thrive. 


Craniosacral Therapy

In Craniosacral therapy,we explore how emotions and stress manifest on a physical level,and with gentle touch and movement, we work to relieve stored stress and ‘unwind’ chronic dysfunctional patterns. The goal is to partner in assessment and awareness so that each individual can take the peace and stability gained in session and translate it into strategies for more vibrant daily living. Treatment is useful for pain, anxiety, grief, and all aspects of the recovery process.

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Food creates medicine for body, mind, and emotional health only if it is optimally digested and absorbed. Integrative Nourishment looks at the whole picture of how how food, digestion, stress, and life style are impacting your body's ability to create foundational root nourishment and thus creating imbalances you are experiencing. We then develop wellness plan integrating optimal food choices, support for gut/hormone/brain/immune connections, and self care practices for holistic nourishment, sustainable health, and a life of wellbeing.

Especially helpful for clients experiencing any digestive issues, fatigue, poor sleep, mood changes, hormone imbalances, pain and inflammation, skin issues, seasonal allergies, illness recovery, and weight management.

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Integrative Nourishment

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